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The PLC Professor's Classroom
1. Watch the Lecture (00 - 12) series FREE on the PLC Professor YouTube channel.
2. If you are still interested in learning to program and troubleshoot PLC's then purchase either the printed or electronic PDF of the manuals from the Store on this website.
3. While you are waiting for your manuals, purchase a Micrologix1000 or 1100 from your local AB distributor or even on EBay. If you cannot afford a hardware trainer, watch the video on the plcprofessor YouTube channel
"RSLogix500 PLC Simulator", download and set it up according to the instructions on the video. No cables needed.
4. There is a video
"Build a PLC Trainer" if you want to build your own.
5. Purchase the necessary cables to connect the PLC to your computer.
6. Begin in the Basics section of the manual, configure a communications driver and continue through the manual.
7. Review the
"Basics01 - 14" videos on the YouTube channel as you complete the lab projects. They are reviews of each lab project in the manual.
8. When you are comfortable with the material in the Basics section and the Lecture series, then continue with the Advanced I and Advanced II Lab projects and videos
ADV1 00-18 (no ADV1 02)and ADV2 00-14. Underlined objects are links to videos.
Our mission is to provide everyone an inexpensive opportunity to learn Programmable Logic Controllers!