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The virtual international institution dedicated to assisting learners to master Programmable Controllers and the world of industrial automation.

We are located at…

With very few exceptions, The PLC eUniversity is attended by learners located in every country of the world and in every industry around the globe. If you are reading this, you are at this instant at the front gate of this institution and there is a seat in any of the classrooms waiting for you, now! This institute is blessed with 900 to 1000 individual viewers per day watching more than a half of a million minutes of lectures and lab discussions per month.

What you will find here…

Our desire is to give you easy access to the best learning content available on the subject of Industrial Automation, some free and some not, but enough variety to give you a choice. Translating the content into other languages is an impractical task so we point you to English learning sources. Contemporary English is a mixture of many languages, resulting from the influence of people from many nations around the globe. Although we have a World philosophy, we do not yet have the resources to translate into other languages.

Primary Mission…

Our mission is to provide everyone the opportunity to learn Programmable Logic Controllers! In addition to our manuals, videos and hardware found in the Bookstore, we offer on-site training customized for the individual company.

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  • Great learning tool, well worth the money for the online manuals, the whole series has been great.

    Arm Ach
  • Thanks so much for putting these up. Very clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to going through the labs in the book.

    Ed Rees
  • Thanks! I appreciate the speed you took this video

    James Cisney

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